Pretty Pictures

I’ve posted a bit too much about the HARD stuff lately.

4fave sign

But I want you to know     2boys       there are also lots of pretty pictures.


In fact it actually seems like


the harder things get

the prettier the pretty pictures become.


Sure, the pretty pictures aren’t ALL there is.

But they can be what I remember most.


And when I choose the pretty pictures

3favecbug far

I grin and think

4fave 2

These people

4fave walking3

This life

2boyswith mom

I choose them.

4fave 3 4x6

Praise the Lord for pretty pictures.

4fave walking



taken on our 6th annual trip to see the bluebonnets in the Bluebonnet capital of TX (a for real thing).  it was especially sweet this year during one of our increasingly frequent “just the six of us” times, with a BONUS of Grammy coming along.

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