Being "old" never felt so good

RRL likes to make fun of me for being “old” … referring especially to my love for talk radio (thanks, Daddy).  So, when we arrived at the garden club tent in Ennis for the 2010 bluebonnet festival and this cute couple was standing outside our van, RRL was quick to point out that now he knew I really was “an old Lady at heart”. So I chose to go to the same place for vacation as they did.  What does that mean? 
As you may remember, last year I was on a mission to find a perfect location to take bluebonnet pictures of our children. Thanks to my last minute research we found a decent patch and got some fun pictures.
This year, I couldn’t leave well enough alone. I did my research ahead of time and discovered that Ennis is the “bluebonnet capital” and each year they have a festival commemorating that fact. Yep, I’m serious…and I’m even more serious when I tell you that I thought it would be the perfect place for a little spring get-away for our family.
While it might not have been RRL’s first choice of weekend activities, he was happy to spend a weekend with his four favorite people…Right, Babe?!?!
Whether he went willingly or not, I think even he would admit that this was another one of my hare-brained-ideas that actually was a great success!
We started out seeing some of the “sights”.  You know, the visitor’s bureau, the Ennis sign, the Garden club tent.  Yep, that pretty well covers it.  I must say, this really is the cutest town.  We enjoyed strolling mainstreet and ate at the best restaurant downtown.  It was nice to get away and only be an hour from home.


We spent Friday night just being together, including a drive along the “bluebonnet trail” on a scouting mission for Saturdays bluebonnet pictures. The cool thing about the garden club is that they map out for you the best roads to take to see the most wildflowers that are in bloom at the time. Aren’t they gorgeous?
Funny thing about bluebonnets, though…when we told KJ we were going to see “fields full of bluebonnets” he was beyond excited.  I mean unreasonably excited.  Through a series of events, we finally put together that he thought a bluebonnet was an armadillo thanks to a book we once read on Texas history.  It was narrated by Bluebonnet the Armadillo.  So, KJ was picturing fields and fields of armadillos.  No wonder he was so pumped…but he handled the disappointment well.  Before we figured out the confusion, he informed someone from the garden club (he makes friends everywhere he goes) that when he “saw some bluebonnets, he was going to SQUASH THEM ALL”.  We quickly reassured them that we would let him do no such thing.  The look of panic on their faces was priceless, though.
Now for the real point of the trip…
After seeing the gorgeous fields, I had high hopes for the pictures.  I brought bribes for the boys (cookies) and then banked on the fact that the picture diva would smile.  She always smiles.  I was wrong.  She apparently DOES NOT smile in bluebonnets, especially when her teeth are bothering her and it is her nap time.  She was miserable.  Ah well.  That said, here are a few (of the hundreds) that were my favorites.
One of the only things that helped Lou enjoy her time in the flowers was her watering can.  That is, until her brother took it away.
She also tolerated Cheerio bribes.  In fact, in the picture above, of her standing up she actually has a cheerio hanging on her tongue.  Side note:  Can you believe how big she is, standing up with her brothers?
Even though their sister wasn’t into it, the boys had lots of fun running and playing and wresting and hugging and jumping in the fields of flowers.
Aren’t they sweet together? Crazy wild. But sweet.

We ended the weekend at the festival.  Fun times, fried food, and three sleepy kids by the time we left.  We loved the corndogs and funnel cakes (of course).  The kids loved the train ride and the bounce house…..and of course, just jumping off the curb repeatedly is always good for a few laughs (thanks, C).
I offered to ride the train with the boys, as other parents were.  KJ put his hand on my arm and said “mom, i think it should just be me and Cbug”.  Um, ok.  I know when I’m not wanted.  Actually, I loved seeing KJ take C by the hand and lead him to the train.  They were so big!  The princess was worn out from all the picture taking and just enjoyed her nap in the stroller.  Sweet girl!
I sure loved this weekend with my family.  Bet you couldn’t guess that from the number of pictures (there are more on facebook).  Bet you also couldn’t guess it from the number of words on this blog post.  Hey, an old lady’s gotta tell her stories.
If this is what being old is made of…I’m fine with it.  Being “old” never felt so good.
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  1. Speaking as one old lady to another, this looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing the photos and the story to back them up.

  2. You tried that during naptime? Crazy girl, crazy. We learned early on that we can’t do ANYTHING with Hudson during his naptime. That would not go well. :) It’s great that you take time for a family getaway. I’m sure the kids don’t care (probably prefer) that it’s only an hour away, but I know it must be an undertaking nonetheless with 3. Kuddos to you guys!

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