Picking Pumpkins and living to tell about it

Ok, friends, I have some awesome blossom pumpkin patch pictures for ya! What could be more adorable than our seven favorites with pumpkins?? But first, would you please consider reading about why the Teen Lifeline 5k     is so important? Every little (or big) bit you can give, to partner with us, will go toward providing tools to Teenagers to help them Live Life Better. We have a long way to go before reaching our goal with 5 days to go. We would love your help!!

Here is a link to our family team’s fundraising page!





Sometimes I forget we have 7 kids living with us.
No, not really, that would be like saying you occasionally forget you have a swarm of (very sweet) flies around your head.

But what I mean is that sometimes when I’m planning something, it’s become so new-normal to have seven kids that I forget to factor in that there are SEVEN SMALL CHILDREN to account for.

And that’s a problem because if, say, you are running a little late but plan to put your makeup on in the car (read:AllTheTime)- you would need to remember you’ll have to take two cars which means you’ll be driving. Because hello, 9 peeps still won’t fit in the mini-van.

Or, if say, you were going to run in to the store real quick for two items, you’ll need to plan to be there for an hour because HELLO potty stops.

But every once in a while the nap schedules, potty breaks, good moods, no-one-has-lost-team-privileges-today, adults are not exhausted FACTORS all align and this happens….


general store




beelew7 happy








(Or at least smirks in the general direction)


And we had a ton of fun, the nine of us,
In a random field of pumpkins that was just the right size for our crazy crew.
So maybe we are kind of figuring this thing out.

That or maybe
I finally remembered to bring enough bribes!
(One pack of gum and picking your own pumpkin did the trick)



If you are looking for a pumpkin patch in our area and you want one that is crowd free, has few other attractions than PUMPKINS, is shaded for perfect pictures and supports a church youth group ask me about where we went, you’ll thank me for this gem. This was our second time and we love it. It’s on our way to precisely No WHERE, but I love that it’s just pumpkins. If you want one where there’s a hayride, maze and a ton of fuss, ask someone who doesn’t have 7 kids in tow.

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