It Ain’t Free if You Pay for It

Did you think having a few extra “calves” would keep us from celebrating?


Surely you know us (and this tradition)

a little better than that by now?


You probably also know that I feel pretty strongly about your food not being free if you spend much time or money on your costumes.


AND we did neither…

Thanks to this awesome pattern AND the spots the kids cut out themselves (with the help of our Wonder Woman nanny)!


But I’ll admit, I was starting to wonder about the true cost of our food. You know it’s hard to calculate the cost of dressing, transporting and corralling the many calves, ordering for a herd, answering for the 194756252749 time whether it’s time to go to the playscape, making sure no one puts their mouth on the walls or pets strangers (yes, both happened) and then multiply by the fact that it was all on a day I also worked.


This happened.

20140711-220217-79337556.jpgLou and Maci Caroline won a prize (MC is the doll wearing spots, ears and a tail with a bow like Lou). They got third in the “calf” division. And she was THRILLED.

Totally worth it.

(And it helped that she won a ton of free CFA meals).


Cow Appreciation Day,



Because adding more calves may have multiplied the chaos,

But it also multiplied the FREE

And the fun!

Cow Appreciation Day. How we love you!


Updated: July 12, 2014 — 3:38 am

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