5 Things because Lou turned 5!!

1) The video

I love adding this video to the collection started with KJ and Cbug at 5.  And I love how evident their earliest differences are in the collection of pictures chosen for each one.  Lou’s video reminds me that one of her earliest words was BOW, that she’s been a little Momma since before she could even walk and that there was a streak of adorable sass and charm flowingly freely from the beginning!


2) Lou’s 5 year-old-interview, just like KJ and Cbug had.

A: Do you know what an interview is?
L: I think it is like um you know how. Um. I think. Actually I don’t know what I think it is.

A: An interview is where I ask you some questions about turning five.  Ok?
L: Yeah.

A: What is your favorite Color?
Lou: pink and purple

A: What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy?
Lou: Read stories with him.

A: What is your favorite thing to do with Mommy?
Lou: Play kitchen or help you cook.

A: Favorite thing to do with KJ and Cbug?
Lou: Play with superheros.

A: What about Christopher?
Lou: Play trains with him.

A: Who is your favorite Princess?
Lou: Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine.  Is it ok if I have 2 favorites?  Oh, and Repunzel, Tiana and Belle, too.
A: so all of them?
Lou: Yes, pretty much.

A: Where is your favorite place to go?
Lou: T.C.B.Y !!!!

A: What is your favorite thing to wear?
Lou: clothes or dressup clothers?
A: Whichever you want to tell me about.
L: Both.  Sleeping beauty gown for pajamas. Sleeping beauty dress up dress for pretending. And any kind of dress for wearing to go somewhere

A: What is your favorite thing to eat?
L: Pizza. And cake. And cupcakesAnd all desserts.

A: What makes you laugh?
Lou: Well, like when someone says a funny joke.  Like the interrupting animal knock-knock jokes

A: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Lou: Be or Do? Can we do both?
I wanna do legos with my children, help them build things. And I want to BE a teacher.

A: What do you want to teach your kids when you are a Mommy?
Lou: About Jesus and God.

A: What is your favorite bible verse?
Lou:  The 23rd Psalm

A: Do you want to tell me about anything else in your interview?
Lou: yes, I want to tell you what kinds of icecream I like.
I like chocolate and strawberry and vanilla and icecream sandwiches.  And any kind of icecream.  But not banana icecream.

Lou: Oh, I do want to interview one more thing.
A: Oh, what is that?
L: I want to tell you that I really like Halloween.
Because we get treats.
And Christmas
Because I get presents.


3) The party

We had so much fun having an all girls day at the American Girl Doll store with your friend IGR and her Momma.  You chose this double stroller as your present and I love that you can’t imagine any other way to haul babies than multiple ones at a time.   You and I had the best time decorating cupcakes, making cards, and shopping together.  You both CRASHED in the car on the way home.



5party2 5party3








4) The birthday DAY

And on your birthday we celebrated the usual way- You pick the place, we buy the donuts.  The only difference this time is that we loaded your stroller up to take along with your babies.  They certainly couldn’t miss the celebrations!  




5) The letter


Truth is, Sister, I didn’t write you a letter when you turned 5.  Truth is, I’m posting these pictures, video and interview months after that day.  Truth is, I’m doing it now because you are suddenly turned 6 and I want to savor and remember 5 and Kindergarten and little years that are fading fast.  Three days after your 5th birthday your cousins moved in and we had a whirlwind of a summer.  I want you to know, though, you were very celebrated when you hit the big 5 because its one whole hand and also because you are INCREDIBLE.  We had a super fun party, Daddy made you a video that you loved watching and Momma interviewed you- the usual 5 stuff for our house.  We just never posted them.  So, here they are now- to save and to savor.  We loved you so much that day, and even more today.  Thanks for being Lou.

Love you times one million,


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