Tito is Two

20140603-225437-82477921.jpgYou are FINALLY two. For weeks you’ve been saying “two” when asked your age. I would always follow with “almost”, to which you eventually caught on. So, for days after your birthday you kept right on saying “I two….almost”. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

I also love it when you call yourself “Tito”. But had to laugh when you managed to convince your school teachers that you thought your name was “Turtle”. You thought it was hilarious so you just kept on agreeing with them.

In addition to your own name, you’ve learned so much this year- you finally learned to walk around 15 months, you completely feed yourself with a fork and spoon and your vocabulary seems to leap everyday. Some of my favorite things you say are:
“Tito’s turn” (a slightly more pleasant version of “mine”)
“I like it” (with face scrunched indicating you do NOT like it)
“Brother Ray” (your favorite person- who works at your preschool)
“Read David” or “Read Brown Bear” (favorite Bible story and favorite book)
“I hello” (meaning you’d like to talk on the phone)


You are pretty predictable, which makes it pretty easy to figure out what you need. You eat a breakfast cereal bar and drink prune juice nearly every morning, and your internal clock goes off at 5:00 each evening for dinner. You start with a pleasant “I eat?” but if we don’t get it on your tray soon enough, you do not appreciate it one bit. And when you get sleepy you say “Paci, lovey, night-night”, go through your night time routine, and climb in your big boy bed to sleep.

Our family is incredibly blessed by your disposition. You are hilarious and love to entertain us. This year that part of your personality has really come alive.You’re earliest comedic routine was to bang your head on the dining room table and look up to see who was watching. We all roared. And once you got a taste of that lime-light, you haven’t stopped entertaining us. We ooh and ah when you say pieces of your memory verses, make animal noises, “hide” in obvious places or help “read” books you’ve memorized. We laugh when you sing “Let it go” at the top of your lungs, or when you are feeling generous and share the spotlight with Lou for a duet rendition of “Do you want to build a snowman?”.


But as much as you love the spotlight at home, you don’t really care to fight for it in public. It takes you a while to warm up and you’ll rarely “perform” for anyone else. You cried every day of preschool for the first two months, in great disbelief that we would leave you. You aren’t necessarily shy, but you prefer to be with your family- especially your Daddy. Oh, BOY, are you two attached. If you see a car on the road that even slightly resembles his you’ll ask “Daddy frontofus?” And if you so much as hear the garage door squeek you’ll run yelling “DADDDYYYYYYYYYY’S HOME!” Don’t you worry, buddy, he is pretty smitten, too.


In fact, we all are. And so many others that meet you are, too. From the moment I first held you there was something unique about your demeanor. I’ve always called you “peaceful” (which, of course, doesn’t mean you don’t act like a two-year-old). There is something calming, charming and endearing about your presence. I think you have a lot of your Great-Grandmother Hayes in you. And there’s just about no higher compliment I could pay you.

This year I’m praying that you’ll continue to delight in being with your family because we certainly can’t get enough of you. But I’m also praying that you’ll love sharing that peaceful presence with others. Your name means “One who bears Christ” which goes so well with that peace. I pray that in being just who He created you to be, you’ll bring peace to many.


I love you, buddy!

Updated: October 18, 2014 — 6:19 pm

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