Tito is four…but almost five


IMG_5483Starting the very day after you turned four you began to say “but I’m almost 5”.  And now if anyone asks your age you’ll say “I’m four…but I’m about to be 5.”  And in many ways, though the calendar may not prove it, we know it to be true. You are sure doing everything in your little power to run towards any milestones you can find.  And you appear to have a single goal: to try to get a little closer in age and achievement to all of your older siblings.

You love to use big words.  Some of my favorites are “definitely” inserted into all sentences for emphasis; and when you say “generously” when reciting James 1:5.IMG_5480

Also, during our 31-mile challenge in March, you decided you were too big for the stroller.  Reluctantly I let you out to run along.  And you totally did.  For short increments at first and then eventually for the entire mile.  Impressive, dude!

IMG_5485I knew you were very aware of all that has happened in our home when you came running excitedly out of your class one day to tell me “I GOT TO CHANGE MY COLOR”.  You were so proud that you’d moved your clip down to yellow because you thought that was such a big kid thing to do.  We had to have a little talk about what moving your color really means and about how being respectful in the classroom is the better kind of big kid thing to choose. IMG_5488

You love to day dream and make plans for when you are “a Daddy” with your best-buddy and cousinbrother, B.    You two crack me up when you talk about what life will be like when you grow up.  Your occupation changes- usually either police-officer or construction worker or occasionally a monster truck driver.  But one things stays the same: you’ll always “bring your mom (wife) and kids HOME to visit me a lot of times.”

IMG_5504And there I find my prayer for you this year.  As you continue to grow and chase after the next-big(kid)-thing, may you know deep within you where your home is.  May you know and believe that amidst the chaos of being the youngest of 7, you have a very important place in our family and a role to play of your very own on our team.  And all the more, may you long for HOME that is to come.  May you already have a stirring for knowing the One who created you, a desire to know more about His will and His word, and a longing to teach others and compel them towards HOME, too.  And may those truths help you become a bit more of what you were designed to be, each day as you grow a whole lot closer to “almost five” and then 25 and then 95.

We love you so much and can’t imagine how boring our lives would be without our Tito!



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