S is for …

After surviving a morning of taking 7 kids to the dentist, the only way to celebrate was staying outside until the last bit of sun was gone.

Because S is for…

S is for seriously?

why is he growing so much


S is for silly

what these kiddos do best


S is for selfies  and snuggles

with a couple of stinkers


S is for sunset play

when it’s too pretty to go inside quite yet

and the glow makes a game of pretend seem almost magical.


S is for seven

which equals built in play dates. All.the.time.


S is for savor

a choice to make each day


S is for SPRING!

Come quickly days of outside eating, sweet smelling flowers and evening games of hide n seek. This taste of spring made us all READY FOR MORE!

Updated: March 18, 2015 — 1:20 am

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