Wanna know what I’m done with?

I’m done with May being busier than December.

Mother’s Day.  Many family bdays.  Last day(s) of school.  Field Day(s). Field Trip(s). Awards Ceremonies.  Volunteer Appreciation(s).  Prep for summer.  We don’t even DO extra-curricular activities right now and STILL.  Seriously!  All super fun things.  All things I want to honor.  All things that could be spread out over the other 11 months of the year (scratch that- 10 months, December is already full).

So, instead of following my first instinct: crawl in a hole and hide until it is over. I chose something slightly more responsible: fake it till I make it.  Well, that AND read a book.  The book is called “Say Goodbye to Survival Mode” and it was written for moms.  The author never says it, but I’d say it was written for “Moms in May”, especially.  I’ll let you read it for yourself, but here’s my big take away:


I’m reclaiming MY space, MY time, MY priorities, MY freetime and MY money.  (If you know me very well you know I don’t mean MINE but rather that which has been entrusted TO me from HIM, but roll with me…)

The short list of projects for my kick-off to “reclaiming” is this:

Reclaim mornings and evenings: Build a routine for mornings and evening/bedtime (author, Crystal Paine’s idea, not mine). Include a go to sleep time, and wake-up time.  Include breakfast in the morning and relaxation before bed.  Include time in the Word and worshiping and praying alone.

Reclaim birthday parties (when you have many small children this is bigger than it sounds) : spend less on things that will get thrown away, do parties at home, let kids plan them, have ZERO jobs at the party that keep me from enjoying and remembering them. (more coming soon on this)

Reclaim the adult zone: Our master bedroom and bathroom are OFF LIMITS for clutter (literal and emotional).  No stacks of mail, no piles of laundry, no reminders of tasks undone.  This doesn’t mean I’m getting all this done, it just means it needs to live somewhere other than where I start and end my day (I recognize that NONE is a lofty goal, but if I can even get in the neighborhood it will help).

Reclaim the KID time: Cut down on distractions during my very few key kid hours.  No social media, no phone calls, no writing/reading (again- NONE is lofty).  instead, use those hours for listening, playing, working TOGETHER on home tasks, etc.

Reclaim priorities:  To keep from having my priorities dictated by other people’s urgencies, I’m making a list.  It isn’t super detailed yet, and its exactly what you would expect- relationship with the Lord, Relationship with RRL, relationship with  kiddos, personal health and wellness.  I’m writing them down.  Multiple places if I have to, and reminding myself that every “yes” to tasks and responsibilities has to fit in one of these priorities.

and finally- and the reason for this post:

Reclaim some FREETIME.  You know what I love?  I love writing and documenting my growing family and our adventures.  You know what I spent zero time doing this week (other than taking pictures)?  Documenting our family. 

Wanna know what I know nothing about or really have any interest in?  Crossfit.  Wanna know what I spent a ridiculous amount of time reading articles and watching videos about this week? Crossfit. 

So, that explains that.  I’ve got to find a way to be done with the mindless scroll, click, browse that sucks times and leaves zero benefit.  It isn’t even relaxing.  So (and again this was her idea, not mine), I’m quitting facebook.  

Soon, you will all be unfriended.

ON facebook, not in life.

Here’s the rub.  I like being connected to YOU.  I love sharing about our adventures.  Writing is therapeutic and your responses are encouraging and insightful.  So, here’s the compromise:  I’ve created a facebook page just for this blog.  Search for “Deep Rolling Right Field” and voila!  Whether I know you are not, though, you are welcome to follow along- and I really hope you will.

And if you do know me in FOR REALS life- I’d love to keep hearing about you, too.  When I see you.  Or when you text me.  Or when you email me adorable pictures.  Or when I read your blog (I still use BlogLovin).  Because I do care about you and I’m thankful you care about us.  I just don’t care about why other people do/do not do Crossfit- or any other of the 1398556726 things I’ve wasted my freetime on!

And that friends- is how I’m “RECLAIMING”

I suppose that was entirely too long of an explanation of this silly change on social media that impacts 4.2 people (being generous), but I wanted to share because its way more than a social media change to me.  Its a heart and lifestyle change.  And I’ll be honest- “reclaiming” is actually kind of fun. 


Updated: May 30, 2014 — 7:07 pm


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  1. I have been thinking they very same thing! I think you may inspire me to take the plunge and get rid of Facebook all together too!!! Thanks for the encouraging push!!! We all need more reclaiming in our lives!!

  2. Hey Allison – I used to not be very active at all on Facebook for the same reasons. Then I created my new blog and kind of started to get back on Facebook some, mostly because I wanted to reach out to facebook friends and let them know about my blog. Eventually, I’d also like to pull back again from Facebook. I probably won’t delete it completely…but just not check in there anymore on a regular basis.

    Anyway, if you’re interested, I ALSO have a facebook page for my new blog. :) My blog is called The Screenwriter’s Wife (, and my facebook page is called the same too. (

    But I just liked you on facebook and look forward to getting to you you more through your blog posts!

    Ronni (Gregoire)

    1. Awesome, Ronni! Glad you are filling along and can resonate with the ideas. AND I’m already a “screenwriters wife” fan :). But I didn’t know you had a Facebook page.

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