What’s in a name?

For the few of you that have been faithful DRRF readers from its beginnings you will remember that this is actually the THIRD home to my blog. The latest move was just because my amazing husband switched me over from my blogspot and set up DRRF as a FOR REALS website (he’s the coolest).
BUT the first and original blog was deleted.  If you have some time to kill you could read about the moment I regretted (see explanation here).  We can laugh about it now.  I think.  When I deleted it I lost the original explanation as to how my blog got its name Deep Rolling Right Field.  So I’ll try to recap:
 I played softball for years.   Actually, I was on softball teams for years and was always pretty terrible. (You are welcome for these pictures).
I sure tried hard, but it just was not my passion nor my skill set. Lets just say hand eye coordination was not something the Lord chose to bless me with, even to this day I struggle with clumsiness thanks to my eyes/brain not communicating with my hands. As a result, I was typically assigned to a position on the field that I have since dubbed “deep rolling right field”…way, way, way out there where you can’t do a lot of harm. A great place for thinking, watching the game, and on rare occasion fielding a dribbling ball that slipped past the infielders. I have some great memories from my days in my tight knicker-like pants, pounding my glove, chanting for my team-mates and basically watching the game.


These days my life is about as far as I could get from deep rolling right field. Its busy, I’m caught in the action and my teammates (especially RRL, and my four or sometimes seven kiddos) depend on the fact that I’m actually in the game ALL THE TIME. So I created this blog to step back into my little quiet place of observation.

Every now and then I like to pause, reflect, and share. Because these thoughts are about the game I’m currently observing, you are likely to mostly see stories about my four crazy adorable kids, my amazing bonus kids and the joy and struggle that comes with having them “for a while” , my faith struggles and victories and occasionally some thoughts about the bigger world around me.

All of the thoughts come through the lens of where I stand right now: in my role as a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a part-time employee, and especially as someone anticipating the Lord’s return. I find that these moments I spend writing about my family and reflecting on my life tend to bring me to a place of thanksgiving and pure delight. The Lord has richly blessed me. That by no means should indicate to you that I’ve got it all figured out or that my life is easy (heavens, right now I have seven kids under 9). In fact, quite the opposite is true. My life often feels like it is spinning out of control. Here, though, I can reflect on the good and rich life that the Lord has placed me in. From this position on the field, I’d say this is a pretty sweet game I’m getting to play!


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